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Sewing projects!

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Okay, kinda squeeing a lot over my Lolita costume on cosplay.com because it has 33 views!
For those of you who are no longer in the North County area, I don't know if you have heard about all the flooding that happened last Sunday. I know I wasn't aware until I was reading the newspapers this week. Even the impression my mom left me wasn't this bad. It's really scary how much the waters rose that day. I'm just trying to imagine what Charbonire Rd. (being right next to the river/built on the flood plain) was like during all of this if it was this bad up there. The next chance I get I'm going to see if I can find any other pictures of areas around NoCo of the flood waters, 'cause damn.

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First music playlist from ~imeem~

I can die a very happy fangirl now

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonix is the movie we have all been waiting for. It was so seriously orgasmic.

Pos, as soon as you see that movie tomorrow night I need to know what you thought of it. Hell, feel free to IM me (on any messenger is the same as my LJ name).

I really wish I had the "I'm Harry Fucking Potter" icon now.

If I say any more I will start to give things away.

They are keeping the same director for the next movie and I'm glad.

I'ma go play Sims now.

I bring you...my living space!

Finaly got around to cleaning my room and organizing it just right. Overall I am quite happy with the way things are arranged. Hope you like it too! (Hana does XD) Aaaaand I'm evil so I didn't resize the pics, so you'll just have to deal.

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Too bad it's all just for the summer, I'm really rather pleased with it.

Convention Look Out 2007

Okay I know, 3rd update today. But, I was poking around cosplay.com's con list and I found cons in Ohio that a friend was talking about. Now, here are four:
Ohayo Con January 4-7 (2008)
Anime Punch April 11-13 (2008)
Colossalcon June 15-17 2007
Matsuri Con Sept. 7-9 2007

Two that I'm sure sad and small since I've heard of the stl one and not the KC one cons in Missouri:
Naka Kon March 2-4 2007
Anime STL April 20-22 2007

Others among the Midwest
Anime Iowa August 10-12 2007

Anime Festival Wichita Agust 17-19 2007

Otaku Omaha June 8-10 2007

Middle Tennessee Anime Convention April 13-15 2007

OMG!! Con May 25-27 2007 :s

I know that I would like to go to a different convention next year (for a couple of reasons, one you will find out at report time which I might do tonight) and so would another friend of mine. So, here are a list of some cons I found in the midwest. If anyone has gone to or at least been to these cons (Except the STL one, thank you), PLEASE comment and let me know how they are. ACEN, is well ACEN. So, yeah. v(^_^)'

I think crazy shit in my sleep

I had a reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllllly creepy dream last night. I was pregnant, like pregnant pregnant. I've had dreams were I was a mom, but this is the first were I was actually experiencing something. Gross :<

Last day in my room.

Last day I'll be able to see some friends...

I <3 Cosplay so much


So freakin' hilarious.

I want that version of the song now.


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